G'Day, I'm Franz,

I'm a 22-years old Economics student at Goethe University from Frankfurt a.M., but, as you hopefully can tell by this website, my true passion lies in the development of websites and other IT topics, such as the cloud. Besides my studies, I'm currently working as a cybersecurity intern at a consulting firm and also work as a freelance web developer at my own business.

I made this website as part of my application for the Restart Australia scholarship for the University of Queensland and to show you why I am the right person to represent GOstralia!.

With that being said, I'd love to tell you more about my plans at UQ and in Straya's most liveable city - Brisbane. :)

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Brisbane & I

A German who loves Australia? Definitely neither a rarity nor new news. Yet, while most people are dreaming of going to Sydney, Melbourne or the Gold Coast, I've always set my sight on supposedly “boring” Brisbane.

Back in March 2020, the world started to close itself off and suddenly a 3-week spring break trip turned into 3 months of being stranded in Brisbane and unable to return to my home in Shanghai (fun fact: most of my belongings are still at a friend's apartment there). During this time, I'd roam every day through the more or less deserted streets of Brisbane and often just sit Kangaroo Point watching the sun set.

Although, my time in Brisbane was rather monotonous and unexciting, it allowed me to think a lot about what really matters to me and what I want to do with my live. All of this might sound very spiritual and philosophic, but I'll always remember Brisbane as the starting point of my current post-covid life.

That's why I'm very excited to return to a bustling Brissie and attend its flagship university. Now, without further ado, let's dive into why GOstralia!, UQ and I are a match made in heaven!

1# Enthusiasm & reliability

To my mind, the perfect ambassador for GOstralia! should be reliable and enthusiastic alike, in order to not only fulfill all of their duties on time but also to do it with the right amount of motivation, which can make any blogpost or social media takeover more authentic and captivating for the reader/viewer.

As a board member and the head of internal affairs of a student consultancy at my university with 60+ members, I'm responsible for representing us at large university events, such as the orientation week, as well as for holding short presentations at lectures during our recruitment phase. Among my other duties are the organization of internal events and the management of HR matters, thus requiring me to be very reliable, as many people and events depend on me. Of course, my enthusiasm and motivation have always served me well with not only completing but also enjoying my responsibilities.

Exactly the same enthusiasm has also helped me to convince my girlfriend to choose UQ and Brisbane over Germany and the UK for her master's degree.

Either way, if you were to choose me as your ambassador for UQ, you would not only get someone reliable but also very enthusiastic about UQ and Brisbane.

#2 UQ values & vision

The University of Queensland's vision of knowledge leadership for a better world resonates strongly with me, as I believe that we should always strive to contribute to society with our own set of talents and skills.

As a son of a teacher, I always thought that teaching offers the greatest potential to transform lives. For this reason, I started working as an English teacher for 3-12 year old children during my studies in Shanghai. Yet, as I found myself locked out of China and unable to return due to CoVid, I started to look for a new way of contributing to the public good. However, this time I wanted my engagement to reflect the economic nature of my new studies.

Thus, in June 2020, two other students and I founded the Frankfurt branch of The Finance Class e.V., an initiative aiming to improve the financial knowledge of teenagers by visiting high schools and giving practical classes about topics, such as taxes and insurances. Aside from multiple school visits, I was also able to use my web development skills to help create the TFC Germany website.

At UQ, I want to continue to teach others by getting a Blue Card and joining the UQ Refugee Tutoring club.

3# Intercultural competence

Ever since I was a young teenager, foreign languages and the thought of leaving Germany and exploring distant places captivated me. Today, despite the pandemic slowdown of the world, I feel lucky to have visited 51 countries - 34 as a solo traveler - and to be able to speak three languages fluently (German, Russian and English) and two languages at an advanced level (Chinese and Spanish).

My most exciting adventure began after moving alone to Shanghai when I was 19-years old to play American football in the CNFL and teach English to children while studying Chinese language and literature at Donghua University. During my time there I had to adapt to a completely different culture but was also able to dive into one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. Even though, I found myself locked out of my new home and all my future plans shattered after the start of the pandemic, I found my new calling and fell in love with Australia and the positivity of the Australian people.

As I've been very worried about forgetting some travel memories, I've been writing a travel journal dating back until 2017, which could turn out to be very helpful when writing blog posts about my experiences in Australia.

UQ, Australia & beyond

Despite being an Economics major, I want to take advantage of the world-class and variety of subjects offered at UQ. Therefore I've picked out a mix of management and computer science classes, in particular ones with a focus on cybersecurity - a specialization which is basically non-existent across undergraduate programs in Germany.

Besides UQRTC, I want to join the UQ Cyber Squad, UQ Fintech club and UQ Slavic society. Having played American football for over 5 years, I'd also love to give Aussie-style football or rugby a try.

While I will make the most out of the opportunities offered at UQ, I also want to explore Northern Queensland's stunning nature, such as the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays Islands, and finally see the Brisbane Broncos take on the Cowboys at Suncorp Stadium.

Furthermore, I'm really looking forward to the summer break between Semester 2 and Semester 1, which is ideal for a long road trip to the West Coast, and especially to skipping German winter, although I already know now that I'm going to miss real bread a lot.

Thank you for your

I hope that I was able to give you better insights into my motivation and plans for being GOstraya's ambassador at the University of Queensland.

I'm looking forward to hearing back to you. If you have any more questions or want to get in touch with me, feel free to reach out to me via my socials. 😊

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